ifile.it API wrapper for Python

Here’s a Python wrapper I’ve made to upload files to the ifile.it servers using their API. The code sends the files using the poster package.

Wrapper for the ifile.it API. Uses the poster api.
import urllib2
import json
from poster.encode import multipart_encode
from poster.streaminghttp import register_openers
import urllib

class Ifileit(object):
    """ Wrapper class for the ifile.it API. """
    UPOLOADED_FILE_URL = 'http://ifile.it/{ukey}'
    GET_UPLOAD_URL = 'http://ifile.it/api-fetch_upload_url.api'
    FETCH_API_KEY_URL = 'https://secure.ifile.it/api-fetch_apikey.api'
    PING_URL = 'http://ifile.it/api-ping.api'
    USER = ''
    PASSWORD = ''
    API_KEY = ''
    def ping(cls):
        """ Returns True if the ifile.it server is up. """
        response = cls._open_and_check(cls.PING_URL)
        return response.get('message', '') == 'pong'
    def upload(cls, the_file):
        Uploads the_file to the ifile.it server. It should be a file-like 
        object as required by poster. 
        #Needed by poster
        post_data = {'Filedata' : the_file}
        datagen, headers = multipart_encode(post_data)
        request = urllib2.Request(cls._determine_upload_url(), 
                                                    datagen, headers)
        response = cls._open_and_check(request) 
        return cls.UPOLOADED_FILE_URL.format(ukey=response['ukey'])
    def _determine_upload_url(cls):
        """ Gets the upload url from ifile.it API. """
        return cls._open_and_check(cls.GET_UPLOAD_URL)['upload_url']
    def _open_and_check(cls, url, data=None):
        Opens the given url string or Request object and checks for the status
        parameter in the response.  If it's 'ok' returns a dict with the 
        response. otherwise raises IfileitApiError.
        Data should be a dictionary of POST arguments or None for a GET request.
        if data:
            data = urllib.urlencode(data)
        response = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(url, data).read())
        if response['status'] != 'ok':
            raise IfileitApiError()
        return response
    def _get_akey(cls):
        If the user info is set, return the akey parameter for the POST API 
        calls. Otherwise returns an empty dict.
        if cls.USER and cls.PASSWORD:
            if not cls.API_KEY:
                response = cls._open_and_check(cls.FETCH_API_KEY_URL, 
                                               {'username' : cls.USER,
                                                'password' : cls.PASSWORD})
                cls.API_KEY = response['akey']
            return {'akey' : cls.API_KEY }
        return {}

class IfileitApiError(Exception):

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